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I believe in doing things better.

Jennifer Dowe is a fixer of the forgotten (a.k.a. the stuck). Fixing is her superpower which she wields on her mission to help people live a #dobetter lifestyle of growth, passion, and purpose.


As the Do Better Coach, she is part strategist and part mentor with a side of powerhouse. She provides a critical eye to support clients in moving beyond obstacles and pursuing unconventional pathways to incorporate purpose into their lives.


The Do Better arsenal also includes the Do Better Store, an online storefront dedicated to showcasing motivational products to uplift and inspire. Her blog, LiveBeDo is slated to go live in summer 2016 and her service site, Digitally Inspired offers services for creative entrepreneurs.


Jennifer’s passion for transformation and growth flows through every venture she pursues and is the driving force behind her Do Better Methodology. Her methodology  was birthed out of the belief that “Once you stop growing you start dying”. Improvement, both personally and collectively is not elective, but imperative.


Find her on Twitter here @JenniferDowe or join her Facebook Group LiveBeDo Nation to stay connected.


Jennifer Dowe is a fixer of the forgotten (a.k.a. the stuck). Her passion for transformation and growth flows through ventures and sprouts in her transformational coaching services, motivational products, and  public speaking. A writer by day and a reader by night, she is more comfortable than normal discussing herself in third person. Find her on Twitter here @JenniferDowe.

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