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Living isn't existing. Grow or Die.

Jennifer Dowe is an author of How to Get Unstuck, and the CEO of Do Better Co, a consulting agency that helps businesses increase their efficiency, processes, and operations. In 2016, she published How to Get Unstuck; to help people break through toxic patterns and walk into a more fulfilled life.


As motivational speaker she helps connect passion to purpose and imagination to implementation. She believes in consistent intentional action to forge a way of progress and usher in transformation.


As a daughter of Christ, Jennifer has a heart for marketplace ministry and the development of other kingdom agents. Her mission is to spread the message of Christ in an accessible way, and assist believers in growing from spiritual infancy to maturity — both as individuals and within the macrostructure of the universal church. Her ministry, Grow or Die Ministries¬† was founded to be a modern-day ekklesia, an incubator for Christian development and a vessel to equip believers with foundational Christian knowledge to transform into fully equipped kingdom agents.