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author. speaker. entrepreneur.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Dowe. I’ve been strategizing for entrepreneurs since 2004. I’m the author behind How to Get Unstuck, a serial entrepreneur and professional speaker dedicated to shifting perspectives and empowering change.

You can find me elsewhere on Twitter and Instagram.

how my work will benefit you

The epicenter of my work emerges from one central question, “What do I need to do to make a shift?” What primes the atmosphere for the moment of pivot, the turning point for transformation that primes you to walk into your next season — in your mind, business, or just life.

I delve into topics like…

– Aligning your passion, purpose and presence to your power moves.
– How to break your mental blocks
– Understanding when you need to make a shift
– Implementing an atmosphere for success
– Unleashing presence-centered strategy
– How to create better systems and processes

Most of all, I write about how to implement these ideas into practice into your everyday.

The concepts I discuss are not all original. Yet each perspective shift is a balance of reading, research, and presence based insight. It’s only, when we view things through heaven’s lens that we can move beyond natural limitations and flow with the supernatural anointing.

other projects & interests
Things that fascinate me, but that I typically don’t write about include…
Great design isn’t just for the showrooms, it’s life made beautiful. I love to see great packaging design, architecture, interior design, digital and branding design.
Book recommendations. 
I love books. Check in on my website to see curated reading lists.
All things food & flavor. 
I’m a self-proclaimed nutrifoodphile. Food should taste good and be filled to fortifying your body. I’m constantly diving into the wonderful world of spices, cooking techniques, baking, and flavor!
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